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The Medical Marijuana Inc. Editorial Team is dedicated to providing a professional, unbiased source for medical marijuana news. With over a decade of experience reporting on the latest cannabis news, we’re committed to meeting the high demand for honest, up-to-date information from the nation’s fastest-growing industry - legal cannabis.

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Politics and Marijuana News

Stay informed and up to date on the newest political developments on marijuana and pot legalization, including any recent news from U.S. states that have passed or are considering cannabis legislation.

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Browse recent marijuana news stories about Politics.

Scientific Research on Marijuana

The science of cannabis is more than an art. Every day, new studies, scientific publications, and peer-reviewed research are released regarding the trends and effects of marijuana use. Our team isNew article Masked Rider THE FIRST Collector's Edition F SPulp Fiction - Titans Blind Box - Set of 17 NEW Titan 3 Vinyl Figures3A ASHLEY WOOD THREEA 3AA SXCLB BOUNCER ANKOU EX 14.5 ROBOT PINK ONLY READY NEW dedicated to compiling and clarifying the science behind cannabis news today.

Browse the latest marijuana news stories about Scientific Research.

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Business and Marijuana News

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The marijuana industry is quickly becoming one of the largest consumer enterprises and one of the hottest industries for investment. Here, we curate the most up-to-date stock reports and timely business news regarding cannabis. Read more about marijuana’s impact on business and investments.

Browse current cannabis news stories about Business.

General Information on Cannabis

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If you’re looking for more general information rather than news regarding marijuana, check out Cannabis 101. The section covers common questions from customers, such as the current legal status of cannabis products in your state, the effects of using, and how to use cannabis products.